Best restaurants to visit in Melbourne

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne is a vibrant city with style, culture, dining and sport. The attractions like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square and Mornington Peninsula are the pride of Melbourne. The rooftops, wine and exotic food make Melbourne a pleasant getaway spot to enjoy with your family.

Melbourne houses the best restaurants with unique combinations of food. The choices are plenty and enjoyable at any part of the day. Some of the best restaurants are listed below and could be reached by the Melbourne Airport to the City transport system.

Flower Drum- Mr. Gilbert Lau and his team have provided excellent food for over a decade now. It is one the best Cantonese restaurant in the world. The peking duck, crab omelette and the suckling pig top the menu. The food is great even though it looks polished. In China, Flower Drum represents an elegant dance form. This is carried forward in this restaurant in Melbourne. Along with the great food and wine, care is taken to ensure the service is supreme and encourages the people to come back again. A private dining facility is also provided with menu changed according to the needs of the function.

Melbourne Wine Room- one of the most preferred places in Melbourne to eat and drink. The atmosphere is friendly and doesn’t look pretentious. It is simple for any day of the time. It is located in The George Hotel on the St. Kilda’s Fitzroy Street. The mosaic flooring and chandeliers in the mirrored room remind us of the old- school elegance. Karen Martini’s relishing Italian cuisine and the best wines make it a perfect place to hangout with friends and family.

Attica- This restaurant is owned by Ben Shewry, the Executive Chef. This prestigious Melbourne restaurant is included in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant of 2015. The recipes are built in par with the traditional Thai method. Another important aspect of this restaurant is the fact that the self-grown produce is used for cooking. This provides a delicate flavor to the dishes and delicious of course.

CAFE DI STASIO- it is an Italian restaurant with the great hospitality. Rinaldo Di Stasio and Mallory Wall are the proud owners of this restaurant and offer the best service. The reviews are great and people are willing to visit the restaurant for the best fine dining experience.

Melbourne has many attractions. The pleasant weather coupled with amazing food and wine, make Melbourne the best tourist attraction. The transport of Melbourne is efficient and the Melbourne Airport to City transport travel is effortless and many cab services providers are easily available. Travelling by flight might be a costlier option.

Enjoy a gastronomic experience at Bay Hotel Singapore

The Bay Hotel Singapore boasts of the STREET 50 restaurant and bar that is famous for the wide range of cuisines that are offered like American, Vietnamese, Italian, French while the local food is served with an interesting twist.

Bay 4 Star Hotel Singapore

The large dining area can host about a 100 people while another 70 people can be seated outdoors. This makes the dining area perfect for parties or dinners.

Delicious food is available round the clock, so if you get home after a particularly tiring business meet or even if you get back after a really crazy party, there is always food.

Enjoy the Lobby Lounge:

The lobby is not just a place to wait while your room is being booked, but a place to sit back and relax. The design of the hotel lets you view the city from the lounge while you sip into your coffee.

There are many offers and promotions that are carried out to elevate the dining experience. Watching out for those would make it an even better gastronomic experience.

Week day lunch: There are great offers on week day lunches which makes dining at the hotel a sensible option.

Weekend Asian Buffet: The Asian buffet available at the Bay Hotel Singapore is one of the best in town. There are unique dishes that are carefully prepared with the International traveler in mind. This makes this buffet one of the most sought after buffets.

Hot Pot: For the adventurous sort, there is the hot pot that never fails to impress. There are over 50 ingredients for a wide range of sea food and meat platters. 4 signature broths have been carefully crafted to perfection with rave reviews from gourmets who love it.

Festive celebrations: Food is great all year round, but it gets extra special during festive days. Easter is one such day that will let the chef experiment with his culinary skills to serve special dishes for the guests.

Food is always a priority, be it a vegetarian fare, seafood or even meat. Whether it is a simple salad or a perfectly roasted steak, people have their preferences and likes which need to be satisfied. When the meal is not good, it drains the energy out of the stay and could cloud the excitement associated with a business or leisure trip. This will never happen in Bay Hotel Singapore as the delectable fare on offer will keep you coming back for more, like many have over the years.

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The Essential 4: Effects every Photographer Must Know

Photography is considered as a popular vocation. With a keen eye and a creative mind, the possibilities of creating visual wonders are endless. Add to it Photoshop effects and the results are nothing but wow. An Adobe Photoshop course in Singapore teaches students the art of color and visual play to enhance the quality and appeal of photographs.

A good photographer will tell you that a perfect picture is much more than ‘point and shoot’. It takes immense hard work to achieve a work of art.

Four effects every photographer must know

  1. Bokeh: Referring to the effect that gives an image a quality of being blurred, bokeh adds focus to a particular area. Light plays an import role in deciding the blur and the focus play. The factors that affect focus are the shape of the aperture and the lens aberrations. The result is an image that looks visually pleasing. Beginners can use the shallow-focus technique to achieve the results. The term Bokeh comes from ‘boke’ a Japanese word which means blur or hazy.
  2. Rule of thirds: Used over the ages, rule of third is the most fundamental principle of photography which splits a photo into three units horizontally and vertically to give nine parts of equal size. The primary subject is not placed at the center making it look more interesting and dynamic. While clicking a picture, mentally draw out 9 equal parts and place the subject accordingly. The technique can be used while editing too.
  3. Panning: Again, an ancient technique, Panning is the rotational, vertical or horizontal movement of a still video or image. To achieve this effect, while shooting the picture press and hold while focusing on a moving subject. Remember to ‘stay with’ the image before and after the shutter is pressed. The result is the subject in stark focus while everything around it is blurred. Panning is the effect of choice while shooting racing events. Start with slower objects like a human or an animal and then progress to faster automobiles.
  4. Contre-jour: A photography effect that is highly popular is the Contre-jour. In French it means ‘against daylight’. To achieve this effect, while clicking focus directly at the source of light. The technique can also be described as ‘silhouette photography’. The image thus produced is one of a rich contrast of light and dark. While the details of the subject are hid, the contours aren’t. If the effect you seek is one which is dramatic, use this technique.